Douglas is a cinematographer and a PfCO Certified drone pilot based in the UK but works internationally. He grew up in the rugged landscape of the Scottish Highlands and has a Master’s degree in Economics, of which, this upbringing shaped his aesthetic style and work ethic. He likes everything neat but takes pleasure in the imperfections of life, using them to uniquely shape his work. He has been lucky enough to work throughout the United Kingdom but also in countries such as the United States, ecuador, Morocco and Kyrgyzstan, with several new countries and continents slated for work in 2019. He has filmed from sea level all the way up to 5000m on high mountain peaks and passes, usually only able to bring the equipment he can fit into a rucksack or sling over a shoulder.


if you are interested in collaborating with douglas, please send him an e-mail or drop him a DM.